Tour de ROSA

This website has been online since the 3rd of June. For all those who visited us regularly online, it was easy to see that ROSA’s online presence is growing and we are trying to incorporate your great feedback. Thanks for that!

We would like to tell you what ROSA has achieved behind the scenes in recent months. First of all, we would like to report something about Tour de ROSA, with which we want to draw national attention to the urgency of safe places for women* on the move, present our project idea, recruit members and motivate support. On Tour de ROSA we talk about the practical experiences that led to our Rolling Safespace. We would like to inform you about the gender and gender-specific diversity of causes of flight and call for people to take action against this injustice! We are now presenting the idea at various events, explaining and justifying details of the project and looking forward to constructive feedback and the stimulating discussion.

We would like to intensify the networking with local, regional and global players who are active in this area, in order to learn from each other and to be able work together in the long term.

In the past few weeks we have visited the few first venues and started to present ROSA both online and face-to-face.


Climate camp Stuttgart (July 24th, 2021)

Because climate change is becoming an increasingly common cause of fleeing, ROSA feels very attached to the climate justice movement. That’s why we were very happy to introduce ourselves at the Stuttgart Climate Camp.

Foto: Jana Ballenthien

Immediately after the Seebrücke Stuttgart had given an extensive presentation on the subject of “Flight and Climate”, we were able to shed light on the relationship between gender, climate and flight – partly using the same infographics. People are forced to leave their homes due to climate change and women* are often the ones who are often the hardest hit. This is related to a lack of equal rights and social recognition of women* in the respective countries. Women*; especially in the global south, are often responsible for the water supply and the cultivation of food, so that drought, heat and floods make their everyday work more difficult.

After the presentation we had exciting conversations, got to know the organisation Psychologists for Future, forged plans with the Seebrücke and were able to win further donations and club members!


Summer School – Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin & IPPNW Germany (28.07.2021)

The IPPNW is a medical peace association that was founded during the Cold War and has since received two Nobel Peace Prizes. For 10 years the German section of the IPPNW has been organising a Global Health Summer School; together with the Berlin Charité, which is attended by international students and brings high-ranking lecturers into the schedule. The news that a ROSA founding member had been accepted for this year’s summer school and was then asked to hold the participant workshop was all the more exciting. The topic of it’s Summer School, 2021 was ‘Climate Crisis, Violent Conflict and Health’- the topic of the workshop was therefore clear: What do women’s rights have to do with climate justice? Why doesn’t one work without the other? Do we realise that those who are the least likely to drive both climate change and violent conflict are those who suffer the most and are least involved in decision-making when it comes to responding to it? The second half of the workshop revolved around the project presentation of our Rolling Safespace. Of course, ROSA is primarily a further fight against symptoms instead of a change of the system – but at the same time it is a call for political action.

Overall, this summer school was very valuable for the project. One connection being a doctor who has worked for an NGO (Medical Volunteers International) in Athens for several months. Another being a medical student whom just returned from Samos, where she had worked for Med’EqualiTeam for several weeks. Many more were interested and asked critical questions, which stimulated both the ROSA members and the newly recruited members to fruitful discussions and thoughts. The conclusion was, in short:

There is a great need for this rolling safespace. The idea is considered, realistic and will work. We should definitely not let ourselves be stopped by people who think the project is unrealistic.


Kulturelle Landparty

We only became aware of the good news relatively late that the political and cultural event in Wendland, the Kulturelle Landpartie (KLP) is taking place this year.
For this reason we could not place ROSA as visibly on the KLP as we would have liked.


Gasthof Meuchefitz (01.08. – 08.08.2021)

The motto, under which the program the Gasthof Meuchefitz stood for this year’s KLP, was more than appropriate (see on the right, Flyer of the Gasthof Meuchfitz). We were kindly invited to set up our information stand on the grounds of the Gasthof Meuchefitz.

KLP’21 Flyer of Gasthof Meuchefitz, Zugriff 16.08.2021

We complied with this, packed stickers, PINK banners, project sketches and membership applications and set up our information stand on the premises of the Gasthof.

On Saturday evening, No Border Kitchen Lesbos informed everyone about their work and experiences. Afterwards we had some very enriching conversations with the listeners of this lecture as well as members of No Border Kitchen themselves.

Over these days we were able to show many interested people the need for a safer space for women* communicating our project idea and vision of ROSA.

Overall, we have learned that it takes more than 1 – 2 people to work effectively at the information stand. Especially, if the information is distributed over several days exclusively via the information booth.



Presentation in Raum2 in Neu Tramm

Presentation at Raum2 in Neu Tramm

During our time at the KLP in Wendland, we spontaneously drove to the Kulturverein Raum2 e.V. in Neu Tramm to find out whether we could set up an information stand here as well. Fortunately, two days after our personal request in Raum2 we were able to hold an evening lecture followed by a discussion on the outdoor stage!

Despite the short notice, around 25 interested people came to the lecture and enriched the evening with good questions and exciting discussions. The event resulted in a large number of networking partnerships.

Thanks again go to the Raum2 crew for their spontaneity and motivation, as well as the publicity of our program on their website!



The Tour de ROSA has so far kept what it promises: The project idea is being put to the test, it is being refined and is slowly spreading. There is so much positive feedback and the new opportunities and ideas that have arisen.

The Tour de ROSA is not over yet: the next tour dates (in german language) already set. Come by and get to know us!

We are always looking for places where we can talk about the gender-specific causes of flight and about ROSA. If you have such a place, write to us and invite us by email to email hidden; JavaScript is required.