Terms and Expressions

The following terms can be understood differently therefore, we want to briefly explain our understanding of the terms we have chosen. Our aim is to be as inclusive and precise as possible, not to discriminate against others and to be understood by a wide range of people. Defining these sensitive terms is challenging and will always need updating. We are constantly open to constructive, pro-feminist criticism and are able to adapt the wording of texts if we find something more suitable.


With women we mean cis and trans women.


Our understanding of a safespace is an area free from any kind of discrimination or hierarchy. Since such a place only exists hypothetically in its perfect form, the correct name would be ‘Saferspace’. The Rolling Safespace is an expression of a vision and pursues the approach of breaking down as many borders, discrimination and hierarchies as possible.

Post-colonial structures

Due to the all founding members of ROSA consisting of only white central Europeans, we run the risk of using classic post-colonial hierarchies and reproducing them. Among other things, a sub-section of the ROSA project is talking to women from different cultural contexts; including basic human anatomy and biology, reproduction and contraception. Existing hierarchies of knowledge in these sensitive discussions can neither be denied nor forgotten and a holistic and thoughtful view taken. In our opinion, the best way of counteracting this cultural danger is the promotion of a more diverse team. Hopefully, by remaining in constant contact with people with a history of migration and those who have had experiences of racism. Furthermore, we would like to emphasise that we primarily want to create a project by women, for women; encouraging international and intersectional solidarity with women regardless of ones cultural background.