Terms and Expressions

The following terms can be defined and understood in different ways. We would therefore like to briefly explain our understanding of the wording we have chosen at this point.

The aim is to formulate it as inclusively and precisely as possible, not to discriminate against people, and still remain understandable for a wide range of people. We are always open to constructive, pro-feminist criticism and reserve the right to change the wording of texts if we find something more suitable.


The rolling safespace is for women and their children on the run. We have decided to use the term women because this is an internationally understandable term and we want to be as clear as possible, especially in the initial phase, that the offer is to be a saver space. Our goal is to open this or such a space to all people who are affected by patriarchal violence. Since a lot of patriarchal violence comes from cis men, we currently exclude them. We see gender binaries as part of the problem and overcoming them as essential. We are in a constant process in this regard and welcome feedback on this.


Stands for women, inter people, non-binary people, trans people and agender people.


Our understanding of a safe space is a place that is free from any kind of judgment, discrimination, and hierarchy. Since such a place exists only hypothetically in its full form, the more correct term would be “saferspace”. Our Rolling Safespace is therefore an expression of a vision and follows the approach of breaking down as many borders, hierarchies, and judgments as possible.

Postcolonial structures

Since the ROSA team has so far consisted mainly of white Central Europeans, we run the risk of using and reproducing classic postcolonial hierarchies. Within the framework of the project concept, which among other things is about talking to women from different cultural contexts about basic questions about the body, reproduction, and contraception. Existing hierarchies of knowledge can neither be denied nor cleared away. We see the best way to counteract this danger is by becoming a more diverse team and staying in constant contact with people with a migrational background and experience of racism. Furthermore, we would like to emphasise that we primarily want to create a project by women for women that promote international and intersectional women’s solidarity regardless of cultural backgrounds.