Thank you very much for all the private individual donations and sponsoring memberships that have reached ROSA!

Thanks to the following foundations and/or institutions that support us

We thank Charité Women for Women for donating breast models that ROSA will use for medical workshops.
We are excited to be one of one hundred organisations to get four months of individual and professional coaching in several areas of our choosing, starting in October 2021!
Thank you very much for the spontaneous and unexpected donation!

Thanks to the following collectives and/or organisations that support us

Thank you to Gesundheitskollektiv Berlin e.V. for donating of medicines and medical consumables!
Thank you so much for allowing us to adapt and use the No Nation Truck for ROSA’s pilot mission. The possibilities that this opens up can hardly be put into words!
Thank you very much for promoting ROSA! We are looking forward to already discussed further ideas of support.

Thanks to the following supporting companies

Thank you for the online and printed news paper articles and thus the big support in ROSA’s public relations by Neues Deutschland!
Thank you for your generous support with the printing of ROSA’s first flyers.
Thank you for ROSA’s first flyer, the design looks very professional and was also free!
Thank you very much for the friendly advice given to ROSA’s website. Much of your input is still on our to-do list. We are working on the implementation and look forward to the next meeting focusing on our website.
Thank you very much for the discount and software support!

For legal reasons, we cannot create links to our supporters websites due to tax relief considerations. Thank you for your understanding!