About ROSA e.V.

Who we are

The non-profit organisation ROSA was founded in March, 2021. It describes itself as a political organisation with an intersectional view of society; working with a queer-feminist and anti-racist consensus.

As founding members of ROSA, we find ourselves solely of white origin and without a migration history. It is important to us that we reflect upon racism, critically examining the potential connection between our work and post-colonial hierarchies. We would like to use our privilege of growing up as white Europeans to bring the Rolling Safespace into being and therefore, to provide help where it is urgently needed.

ROSA explicitly advocates for a solidarity-based Europe that respects human rights, calls for institutional action against humanitarian catastrophes at the European external borders and promotes gender empowering aid strategies!


Our vision – why are we doing this?

In 2019, 1% of the world’s population was on the run.
Almost half of them were female (48%) (see UNHCR Global Trends 2019).
The situation of women fleeing is unlike that of men, characterised by additional, gender-specific burdens and challenges (see Sexual and gender-based violence against refugee women: a hidden aspect of the refugee ”crisis“).

The small number of non-governmental organisations and offers of help available to refugees at the European borders are rarely adapted to the needs of women.
ROSA is currently being established as a non-profit organisation who’s aim is to be a mobile base for female refugees in crisis. ROSA’s ambition is to provide guidance in the maintenance of psychological and physical wellbeing, offering culturally sensitive medical advice in conjunction with a safe, adaptive, networking and meeting space for women.
We want to build sustainable policies to support women and children on the move. To do this, we want to collaborate with existing projects in line with local situations.



Rolling-Safespace: A mobile base for women on the run.
Improving the humanitarian situation of women in crisis and thus preventing and counteracting the dangers of long-term psychological and physical stress.




People fleeing war and terror shouldn’t have to wait in front of closed borders but be provided help and solidarity. We need a society in which people of all genders experience equality and the difficulties that women, intersexuals, non-binary, transsexuals etc. experience are of equal social relevance.  Due to gender inequality, additional assistance is necessary to give woman and minority groups support that is vitally needed.



We will convert a truck that serves as a mobile contact point and drive to refugee shelters (initially in Greece). With a suitable team, we will provide the following:


Medical help

Rolling safe space’s contact point will give basic medical examinations to women in a private area. In addition to treating minor health problems, pushing medical discussions and providing pregnancy counselling (in cases that exceed capacities of ROSA) women can be referred to the required speciality.


Physical exercise/workshops

Physical exercise has been proven (see Sport hilft so gut wie Antidepressivum) to be an effective way to counteract stress, depression and anxiety. Therefore, ROSA is providing a diverse range of workshops driving physical activity. The program will offer women a space for empowerment through movement related exercise, enabling a shielded environment in which there is the possibility of mutual support and chance of networking. The idea of supporting women in this way, originated from the founding members of ROSA. When volunteering at accommodation for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, this type of support was requested and received positively.


Discussion groups

We want to create a space in which women can ask questions and get answers. Guided by doctors and midwives, topics that interest and affect women can be discussed. Discussion groups should enable an exchange of knowledge and sharing of worries in a protected place.



Often women are the primary carer of children and are responsible for the children that flee with them. The offer of childcare in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle is therefore an important means of giving women access to ROSA’s contributions.


Hygiene products

Barrier-free access to sanitary facilities and hygiene products is both a prerequisite for the well-being and health of women refugees and a fundamental step in gender equality. The support of pregnant, breastfeeding, child-caring and menstruating women are necessary in a society that aims to treat all genders.
The distribution of necessary equipment such as menstrual products, diapers and contraceptives such as condoms or diaphragms etc. is an integral part of ROSA.
To prevent the risk of women not accepting help, we are offering hygiene products as well as the provision of changing tables and washing areas. This will hopefully spread publicity and persuade women into using the facilities of ROSA.



Have any questions? Please send us an email to the following address: email hidden; JavaScript is required. For encrypted communication, please use the corresponding public PGP key: