Hurra, ROSA is online!

…and thus a first big step towards our rolling safespace!

What we need now:

  • Money to buy and convert a vehicle for ROSA!
  • Supporting members so that ROSA can work independently. It is important to us (particularly in the development phase), that independent work is completed via our own sponsorship group and that we are free from complying with the specifications of large sponsors.
  • Are you a willing ROSA member who would like to support us with time instead of money?  We need people to organise events, create workshop invitations, work with our ROSA vehicle or write newsletters and newspaper articles etc.  Regardless of what you’re after, where your skills are or where your heart beats… we need you as a team member to increase ROSA’s profile and to promote global feminism.



Tour de ROSA

This website has been online since the 3rd of June. For all those who visited us regularly online, it was easy to […]